This is After Dark, a fanshrine for The Wardstone Chronicles by Joseph Delaney. The series is known as The Last Apprentice in North America, and fondly called The Spook's Books by fans everywhere.

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14 Oct 2010 : The Last Apprentice in TV Tropes

I am so completely out of the loop, but this still made my day:

The Last Apprentice in TV Tropes.

So funny because it’s so true. :)

30 Sep 2010 : Fanlistings Update

Added new code images for each fanlisting. Covers of the North American covers, as well as the new UK covers. Finished the fanlisting for the latest installment: (UK) The Spook’s Nightmare a.k.a. (NA) Rise of the Huntress and just waiting for confirmation. :)

15 Aug 2010 : Yey!

Didn’t think I’d be able to find The Spook’s Nightmare locally so soon, since the book prior it (last year) has yet to arrive. But hey, visiting the local bookstore recently I found The Spook’s Sacrifice book (NA: The Clash of the Demons) along with The Rise of the Huntress (UK: The Spook’s Nightmare). So of course I grab it quickly!

I wonder when the UK cover will arrive though. Next year? :(